(courtesy of familymatters.net)

  1. Show up for practice on time, with a good attitude, and ready to work hard.
  2. Decide at the outset that you love (not just tolerate, but love) every member of your team (athletes, coaches, trainers, and assistants).
  3. Never shortcut or minimize warm-ups, calisthenics, wind sprints, distant runs, and cooldown.  These are more than just conditioning. They are part of building cohesiveness and endurance.
  4. Never whine or complain about the work.  It’s sports; it’s supposed to be difficult.
  5. Don’t get fixated on winning.  Focus on doing the fundamentals of your position well in harmony with your fellow team members around you.
  6. Listen to your body.  Respond properly when it’s warning you about injury (make ice, braces, tape, and Ace bandages your friends). Communicate clearly with your trainer.
  7. Don’t limit your involvement with team members to practice and competition.  Think as a team at all times.  Include fellow teammates in your social life, family life, and academics.
  8. Encourage the kids who aren’t as athletic or who have extenuating circumstances that might be distracting them (problems at home, academic problems, injuries).
  9. Never speak poorly of a fellow teammate or criticize the coaches.  If you have a problem with a teammate or coach, deal with that person individually.
  10. When you win, win humbly.  When you lose, hold your head up and never take it out on the coach or teammate.

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