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With basketball teams all over the country holding tryouts, we recently recorded an episode to help coaches & players both better maximize this time of the season and either make the team or conduct professional tryouts.  You can listen to the episode here.

In the episode Alan Stein and Adam Bradley referenced the list of 11 tips to you help you make your basketball teamas well as shared some additional thoughts and insight. If you are reading this, odds are you are a basketball coach. While these tips are for the players, I highly recommend you share these tips with the players in a Pre-Tryout meeting to with the players before tryouts begin. 11 is too many? That’s ok, pick your Top 5 and share those and tell your players to focus on them.

Here are the 11-tips to help you make your basketball team.

  1. Separate yourself by being the most vocal and enthusiastic player in the gym. Be an energy giver and raise everyone else’s level.
  2. Hustle! Be the first player in line for each drill. Do everything at game speed. Try to win every sprint. You have 100% control over your effort.
  3. Make the extra pass. Be unselfish. Be a great teammate (We > Me).
  4. Physically box someone out every single time a shot is taken. Every
  5. Listen with your eyes any time someone is speaking.
  6. Dive for loose balls, take charges and sprint the floor as hard as possible every chance you get. Every team needs a player that does those three things consistently.
  7. Don’t over dribble or take bad shots. Those players are a dime a dozen. Make the easy play. Make the right play. Don’t be tempted by flash.
  8. Arrive early and stay after to put in extra work. Do more than is required.
  9. Play to your strengths and try not to expose your weaknesses. If you aren’t a competent 3-point shooter, then don’t shoot 3’s. Simple.
  10. Communicate directly with the coach. Ask the coach what things you need to do to earn a spot on the team. The key word is earn.
  11. If you make a mistake (which will happen), move on and focus on the next play. Maintain a smile and positive body language at all times.

Thanks Alan and Adam for sharing!

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