In just over a week, we’ll be packing up our bags and heading to the first Read & React clinic of 2011. It’s in Naples, FL so if you’re in the area or if you just want to escape the cold, please meet us there.

We’re doing these clinics just a bit differently than we have in the past. Last year, we had ‘Basics’ clinics where we walked through the layers step by step. But this year we thought, “Don’t we have a DVD for that?” The answer, as you know, is yes.

So, this year (with the exception of the Advanced Clinic in Atlanta), we’ll be looking at the layers through the lens of practice. How best to implement the offense, collapsing time frames, adding competitive elements, and a lot more. You’ll learn the layers (or further engrain them) and how to run a practice at the same time.

We spend a lot of time talking to you in this blog… it would be great to meet you and interact with you face to face. Check out one of our clinics, it will definitely be worth the trip.

And, to honor the launch of our clinic season, I’ve put together a list of past posts that contain footage from our 2010 clinics.

Ball Handler is Your Orchestrator
We Don’t Play Backwards
3 Part Drill Progression with Read & React
3 Part Drill Progression with Read & React: Team Drill
3 Part Drill Progression with Read & React: Making Team Drills Competitive
Read & React: Post & Perimeter Drill

PS: This first clinic is next weekend so if you want to head to Naples, sign up today.

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