This past Fall I listened to Georgia Regents Men’s Basketball coach Dip Metress speak at the PGC Basketball Clinic in Atlanta, GA. Dip presented his 25 Attributes to Coaching. They were so good we had to share them with you!

25 Attributes to Coaching

  1. Go watch as many teams practice as you can
  2. Start practice on time
  3. Have a practice plan…but don’t be afraid to alter it during practice (if needed)
  4. Players will never want it as much as you do
  5. 3 people can never have a bad practice:
    1. Point Guard
    2. Best Player
    3. Head Coach
  6. Assistant coaches should always have a whistle
  7. Work on your ballscreen defense as much as you work on your shell defense
  8. Teach in a part…then in a whole
  9. Any form of selfishness must be eliminated ASAP
  10. Have a presence on the floor (Players know when you don’t believe in it)
  11. Work on fundamentals every day and they must relate to your offense/defense
  12. Expect the unexpected…know the pulse of your team at all times
  13. Keep the main thing the main thing…Work on what happens the most
  14. Pace of practice is extremely important
  15. Tell players when they do something right
  16. Communication + Intelligence + Effort = Non-Negotiables
  17. Always play basketball in practice
    • For example: I do not like my players closing out to chairs that cannot move
  18. You never think you’re as good as you are but you’re never as bad as you can be
  19. End practice on a positive note
    • Keep post game talks to under 2 minutes
  20. 3 things you must address every day:
    1. Turnovers
    2. Missed lay-ups
    3. Bad shots
  21. We are there for our players…they are not there for us
  22. Playing 5-on-5 every day is important
  23. Play every drill until a rebound occurs
  24. Have a variety of drills…don’t bore your players with the same drills every day
  25. Your vision is paramount for your program

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