This our third of five Read & React Quick Hitter posts in tribute to our new DVD: Quick Hitters! You can check it out here.

Here’s a Quick Hitter from the 3 OUT formation with a couple of nice scoring options as well as a post isolation opportunity. And, as always, nothing in this Quick Hitter violates Read & React principles.

Remember, these Quick Hitters should serve as a spring board for ideas. You can easily take the actions that your team is best at, order them in a specific pattern, and call it a play. And if the initial attacks don’t work, you can flow naturally into the Read & React.

3 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 1

4 flashes inside the FT line elbow.
1 feeds 4 and “X-cuts” with 3.

3 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 2

4 has two options – 1 cutting to the goal or 3 cutting to the top of the key.

3 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 3

1 continues his cut to the opposite wing while 5 and 2 set staggered pin screens for 1.

3 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 4

From this position 4 is isolated and can attack one-on-one.
5 is also open for the slip sometimes.
If nothing is immediately open, any pass to anyone will continue the R&R attack.

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Read & React Quick Hitter DVD

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  1. Coach Ginn:
    I really like the possibilities with this 3 out 2 in quickie. You can see where the R & R Principles can be easily flowed into off of this!

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