The following video was taken from our DVD set, Read & React Clinics: Planning the R&R Practice. It is a 5 DVD set compiled from three of our 2011 clinics covering basketball practice planning and implementing the Read & React with your team in the most efficient way possible.

In the video below Rick Torbett tweaks Zone Attack to focus on the 3 OUT formation with a Short Corner Post and a High Post buddy system. The traditional Read & React zone attack can be adjusted with just a few role identification commands.

The idea is this: experiment with your team in practice to find those formations, roles, and actions that best fit its personality and talents. That way, you can go into game situations with an arsenal of offensive options. This 3 OUT zone concept is just one of many.

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  1. Like the tweak for the zone attack! Here in the UK most senior female teams at the local and university level we face seem to adopt the zone defence and so currently implementing and reinforcing the layers. Recent game highlight link has a couple of examples but aiming towards that consistency of execution throughout a game!!/photo.php?v=177805988974598

    Good luck to all coaches like myself this season implementing R&R for the first time!

    Coach Gunn

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