Over the last few weeks, we’ve been fleshing out a 5 part series on Read & React Quick Hitters.

This is our fourth installment – you can find the three previous here, here, and here.

This is an easy 4 OUT Quick Hitter that utilizes the Post as a scoring opportunity and as a screener.

4 OUT Quick Hitter

1 passes and cuts (1st Option).
If 1 is not open, then 1 screens for 5 in the short corner.
5 cuts to the front of the rim (2nd option).

4 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 2

If 5 is not open, 4 passes to 2 while 1 fills out and 5 fills the mid-post.

4 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 3

4 cuts after the pass to 2.
5 sets a post screen (3rd option).

4 OUT Quick Hitter Frame 4

5 ducks into the lane right off the tail of 4’s cut (4th option).
4 fills out ball side.
If 5 is not open, R&R continues…

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Read & React Quick Hitter DVD

2 Responses

  1. Coach, can you please explain the 4 out spacing? I have been running the 4 out, but having 6 spots I feel puts the spacing off. Would you not be better off putting the wings down lower and just having 4 Spots?

    1. Coach, great question and one that we get often. In terms of the spacing, the two top spots should be about 4 feet off the lane-line extended outside of the 3-point line; or the Slot area if you are familiar with that. The other two spots on the wings are ones that most coaches struggle to find the proper spacing with. However, if placed properly the spacing will work. Your two wing spots in 4 Out should be a step lower than the 5 Out wings spot; or a step below free-throw line extended. If you put the wings down any lower, this will crowd the spots in the corners that will be filled when a cutter replaces to a side where the wing is already filled and must stay in the corner. Rick gives a great illustration in the Layer 1 video of the Read & React. Hope this helps!

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