I have compiled four easy steps to help you create an effective practice plan that keeps your players engaged on a daily basis.

  1. Evaluate the Defensive Level of your Opponent
    • How do they guard the ball?
    • How is their help-side defense?
  2. Match the Read & React Offensive Layers to the Defensive Level of your Opponent
    • You may only need the 1st three layers vs your opponents lack of help-side defense
  3. Determine the Player Development Skills you need to work on
    • Match the Player¬†Development Skills with the layers of Read & React that you’re running
  4. Determine your Defensive Philosophy & What you want to teach
    • Always teach to guard each layer of your offense, plus one level beyond
      • Level 1= Guarding the Ball
      • Level 2= Guarding Away from the Ball


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