This is another excerpt from our newest project, Read & React Clinics: Planning the R&R Practice. If you haven’t noticed yet, what we’ve been doing over the last few posts (and will continue over several more) is building desire in your heart for this 5 DVD set. Is it working? If not, no worries, these posts still give you a bunch of great tips. If it is working, though, then you can find it here.

We’ve covered offensive rebounding out of the Read & React before in some cleverly titled posts: Offensive Rebounding out of the Read & React and Rebounding in the Read & React. Who carefully crafts these titles? I know… it’s a gift.

Most basketball coaches have very clear priorities when it comes to offensive rebounding.

First: a player on the weak side to clean up short weak side rebounds.
Second: a player in the middle of the lane to patrol the front of the rim.
Third: a player near the weak-side elbow to run down any long rebounds.
Fourth: a player back on defense.

Now, depending on the personality of your team, the order of those priorities may be shuffled, but in general, those are the locations you want covered. In the video below, Rick Torbett explains how with little more than a quick explanation to your players and a bit of drilling, you can cover all of those priorities with the Read & React Offense.

PS: To see a diagrammed version of the drill Rick is using in these clips, check out another post we’ve done on rebounding – Rebounding Responsibility Drill.

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