There are a lot of things that differentiate Better Basketball from the rest of the basketball instructional market:

But, the biggest advantage of Better Basketball (and what I’m most proud of) is that we have a coordinated program of instruction. To me, Better Basketball isn’t just a company, it’s a curriculum, it’s a mentality, it’s a culture.

All of our products are compatible with one another. Dynamic Defense compliments the Read & React just like any player development video compliments all the others. Our teaching is symbiotic…and we’ve done it that way on purpose.

And, there’s much more to come.

So, with that in mind, we’re retiring the forum.

Here’s why:

The forum was originally intended to support a new Read & React coach. He/she could ask questions and more experienced coaches could chime in (along with Rick). And, while the discussions have been healthy for the most part, many of the current threads have gone away from Better Basketball in a big way.

Many of those ideas swarming around in the forum have broken the unity of the Better Basketball system and caused confusion for new (and even veteran) Tribe members. While we always appreciate discussion and new ideas, we do want to make it clear to our readers what the Better Basketball philosophy is and the forum is interfering with that.

Plus, we have some huge new projects coming in the next couple of weeks and honestly don’t have the manpower to put into running the forum the right way.

But the forum did have many positives, so we’ll be integrating those positives into the Tribe in a few new ways. We’ll be taking the best of the forum discussions and converting them into posts so that everyone can benefit from them (giving full credit to the original poster). And, we’ll be implementing a couple of new ways to interact with Rick that will allow those in the Tribe more regular access to him.

Ultimately, the forum has served its purpose and we’re moving on. I have no doubt that this will be disappointing for some of our more regular and diligent Tribers, but the benefits will far outweigh the loss… just wait and see.