This our second of five Read & React Quick Hitter posts in tribute to our newest DVD in the R&R family: Quick Hitters! You can check it out here.

Here’s a nice Out of Bounds Quick Hitter to jump start your Read & React from the baseline. Of course, nothing in this Quick Hitter violates Read & React habits and if the initial attacks don’t work, you can flow naturally into the Read & React.

Read & React Baseline Play

4 sets a screen for 5. (Option #1)
3 delays one second then sets a screen for 4.

Read & React Offense Baseline Quick Hitter

4 uses the screen for the second scoring option.
After the screen, 3 cuts to the wing.
1 releases as a safety valve.

Read & React Quick Hitter

If 4 is not open, 2 enters to 3 and steps under the basket.
3 passes to 1 and cuts.

Read & React Offense Baseline Out of Bounds

2 can choose the pin screen by 4 or
use the double staggered provided by 5 and 3. (Option #3)

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Read & React Quick Hitters

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