On March 1st of 2010, we started this Tribe project for all of those coaches running the Read & React. It was designed to provide you with ongoing tips, resources, and community to help you constantly improve as a Read & React coach.

But, of course, you’re busy – you can’t read every post or watch every video – you might have missed something. So, here’s a list of some of our most popular posts over the last year. Thanks for being in the Tribe and we look forward to many more years of “Best of Tribe” posts.

Read & React Basics

Practice Planning with Read & React

Read & React Tweaks

Have your own favorites? Let us know which posts were your “Best of” in the comments.

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  1. Improve free throws by playing “Memphis”

    Play one-on-one, but the only way to score is to make free throws.
    Shoot 2 free throws after a made basket or foul.
    Shoot 3 free throws after a 3 point shot.
    The only way to win is to make free throws.

    Missed free throws cost Memphis an NCAA championship.

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