Here is the final installment of Rich Czeslawski’s Bounce Off Drill Series. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 – together these three create a progression. You know how much we at Better Basketball love progressions! Rich doesn’t just write for the Tribe either, he has his own blog, which is worth spending some time on.

After running the 3-Player Drills, we move to our 5-on-0 Bounce Drill, which really reinforces the habit of Circle Movement and allows the player with the ball to work on the Bounce Off technique. We teach our “Bouncers” to reverse dribble (like a defensive slide) with their front shoulder pointed to the rim to protect the ball. Once they get to the new perimeter spot they square their shoulders so they are a threat to pass, shoot, or drive again.

5 on 0 Bounce Off Drill

Player 1 bounces from right corner to left corner, and then finishes with a Baseline Drive.
 Each player is the “Bouncer” once, and then we do the drill starting from the left corner, moving to the right.

Bounce Off 5 Man Drill Frame 1Bounce Off 5 Man Drill Frame 2
Bounce Off 5 Man Drill Frame 3Bounce Off 5 Man Drill Frame 4
We finish each set with a Baseline Drive for good measure and Circle Move to the Shooting Windows.

Bounce Off 5 Man Drill Frame 5Bounce Off 5 Man Drill Frame 6

Everyone circle moves left on the baseline drive with the exception of the 2 who must stay home to be the Natural Pitch. This way, all of the Shooting Windows are covered: Safety Valve, 90 degree, 45 degree, and Natural pitch.

5 on 5 Bounce Off Live

We finish the series by playing live but telling the players they can only score off of a Bounce Off (i.e. a bounce and then drive all the way to the rim, a bounce and then hit a cutter, or a bounce and feed the post).

Later in the progression, we just play live, but to emphasize the Bounce Off, we award 2 points for any Bounce Off baskets and 1 point for any other basket.

We have found that these drills force the players without the ball to work hard at Circle Movement because the only way they can get the ball is to move and cut. “Getting the ball” has been a powerful motivator!!!

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  1. Good stuff here coach. I had recently been working on supercharging the Orchestrator drill, similar to your 5 v 0. So adding to your start here with the 5 v 0, how about putting a pinnie on one player and allowing for a bounce off in any direction, each player reads penetration and circle moves accordingly. Go for 30 secs and blow whistle. On the whistle ‘pinnie’ drives the rim and everyone circle moves one last time. Pass the pinnie and repeat until all 5 have ‘orchestrated’. Again using the 5 v 0 building block here, keep a ‘pinnie’ player and give everyone a ball. On the circle move a ball handling move has to be done by each player. take it further and give everyone two balls. ‘pinnie’ player has to change of direction move on the bounce off to escape hatch, everyone else on the arrival to new spot. Still finish these with a drive at the rim (see a lot of player development with one ball being held while the other is layed up for a finish), change the ‘orchestrator’ every 30 secs.
    Great timing on the Tribe renewal post led to your past bounce off series here and jived with what I was working on. Cheers.

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