Mastering Timeouts

At a recent PGC clinic, (PGC) President Mano Watsa shared his philosophy on timeouts. Mano believes that timeouts should be treated like a sandwich. I. Bread Bread is the foundation of your sandwich so that should be your initial focus. Many times coaches use timeouts to vent their frustration. Instead, use it to offer positive […]

Defending Middle Pick & Rolls

In this article I am going to talk about the different techniques to defend the middle pick & roll. In my opinion, a middle pick & roll is anything set from the free-throw line extended and above. I also believe there are two different types of middle pick & rolls: Flat and Angled. (See Images […]

Drills vs Skills

The Summer is upon us and while many players will  be crossing the country playing tournaments, do not over look the importance of skill development during this time of the season. Whether you coach a team or specialize in player development, it is essential to know the difference between being a skill coach and a drill […]

Tribe Spotlight: Indiana Primetime Sports

This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Indiana Primatime Sports. Follow them on Twitter: @INPrimetime Indiana Primetime Sports was started by Brandon Lafferman in 2010, with the goal of creating a great youth sports program that teaches kids values on and off the court. Lafferman and Chris Van Den Berg started the basketball program that year with two […]

Screening Angles for Success

As coaches, we are always looking for new plays to put our players in scoring situations and ultimately win more games. These plays usually come from 1 of 3 sources, DVD, clinics (notes), or live television. Every coach is able to teach their players plays, but not every coach teaches the play to be most effective. I […]

Defense Determines Offense

Every athletic contest boils down to “who is going to force who to play who’s game?” But I think using the word FORCE is misleading. Here’s what I mean: When your opponent is bigger and more physical than you, meaning, if you play that type of game, you’re going to lose, then you need to […]

Leadership within USA Basketball

Last year several prominent college basketball coaches joined together to form the USA Basketball Leadership Council. The following Q/A illustrates how many of the best minds in the game view leadership. WHAT IS TOP LEADERSHIP LESSON YOU’VE LEARNED? GINO AURIEMMA: I can’t control what I can’t control. I can prepare my players and spend a […]

Coach K: Importance of Leadership and Teamwork

Duke and USA National Team Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke to a group of Army officers and soldiers several years ago at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. While the video is over an hour and a half long, it is full of off the chart material and I am going to share one very cool concept he […]

Train with Purpose

Purpose [pur-puhs] Noun: the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal. determination; resoluteness. Verb (used with object) to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself. to intend; design. The above is an abbreviated definition of the word purpose from “The reason for which […]

5 Defensive Tactics

Earlier this month we attended the PGC/Glazier clinic in Chicago and Sam Allen elaborated on this topic. 1. Team Symmetry Defense starts when the ball is shot (our team shoots) Transition Defense= First 3 (First 3 steps must be explosive)= “The Transfer” I Formation= Protect the highway inside-out Offensive Board Coverage= 3, 4, 5 crash…1 […]

Communicating the Read & React

Here’s the situation. A coaching friend of yours likes what he or she sees in the Read & React. They ask you about it and as you begin to explain, their eyes glass over and you can tell that you’re not connecting. Or, you make an explanation and as soon as they begin to comment […]

Tribe Spotlight: Fort Meade High School

This week’s Spotlight features Tim Grant. Coach Grant is the Varsity Girl’s Basketball coach at Fort Meade Middle/Senior High School (Fort Meade, FL). I am currently coaching varsity girls basketball in Florida. When we started in November with a preseason classic, our offense was very stagnate. We lost our first game to a large school […]

Motivating Your Players to Higher Levels

I recently watched a lecture by Ed Tseng at a coaching clinic from last year. If you have never heard of him, he is a motivational psychologist (or Mental Trainer) that specializes in athletics. Below are a few highlights from his lecture that I absolutely loved: Some days your players may only be able to […]

Do You Have a Post-Season Plan?

It’s May and your season is over, now what? As coaches, we constantly tell our players that the Summer is where they improve their game and become better all-around players. However, sometimes we forget that we are the most important part of this equation. If we as coaches are not trying to improve ourselves, then we […]

Basketball Motivation for Players

With Summer in the United States upon us, I wanted to provide some motivation to help you get over the hump and stay on task. If you want to be successful this winter, you have to put in the work this summer. At the start of next school year, will you be able to say […]

Role(s) of the Assistant Coach on the Bench

One very important thing that I learned through my experience at the University of Florida and being mentored by my good friends at Coaching U is to ALWAYS be prepared and active during games. Too often I get frustrated while watching basketball games on television or in person and I see assistant coaches sitting court-side barking out […]

Getting the Job

Tom Kelsey is the Director of Basketball Operations for LSU Men’s Basketball. At a recent PGC/Glazier Coaching Clinic he elaborated on 7 things every coach needs to consider to help them get the job they want. Tom is a part of the Better Basketball family as he played for Rick Torbett in high school. What […]

Rehearsal: A Different Kind of Practice

I challenge you to try a different mode of practice. I’m assuming that you want your team to play a certain way – let’s assume it’s the Read & React. Then you must PRACTICE playing that way. I know that sounds obvious, but the word “Practice” has taken on a different meaning. It means Player […]

Tribe Spotlight: Bureau Valley Storm

Today’s Tribe Spotlight features Tiffany Gonigam. Tiffany is the head coach of the Bureau Valley Storm girls basketball team. Just 2 years after back-to-back 1 win seasons, the Bureau Valley girls basketball team won a regional championship. Read and React made this possible. As an assistant coach in 2011-2012, I watched our girls basketball program […]

Capitalizing in Transition – RACECAR

Recently at a PGC/Glazier coaching clinic, PGC’s Tyler Coston spoke on Capitalizing in Transition and used the acronym, RACECAR. RACECAR R ace the ball A rch to arch C ontrol (Race does not mean Rush) – Dynamic quick stop – “Time enough to say no” – “What would have been a better play?” C leverness = Opportunism A rrum’s = […]

Servicing the Body

A few weeks ago I took my car in for routine service. Well, I thought I was going in for routine service, but found out I needed to have some additional work done. In addition to the standard oil change, I was told I needed new tires, a wheel alignment and new brake pads. I quickly asked […]

Recharge your Batteries with Off-Season Ballhandling

Once the season is over, most players want to take a little time, perhaps a few days at most, to recuperate from the daily practice and game schedule. But once a player has “unwound”, how does he or she recover the love and joy of basketball that will propel them to get better in the […]

Coaching a Difficult/Selfish Player – Part 2

The following article comes to us courtesy of Spencer Wood and ICEBOX Performance. Don’t Miss Part 1 Almost every coach and athlete has at one time or another instructed and/or played with a selfish teammate. Even for individual sports (such as throwing events in track, non-relay running events, wrestling or singles tennis etc) a selfish teammate […]

Tribe Spotlight: La Monte Vikings

This week’s Tribe Spotlight features Donnie Mayes, Head Basketball coach of the La Monte Lady Vikings. Check out his website I started coaching basketball at the youth level in 1998. I pretty much coached the way that I was coached in High School. Most of the plays were the same with a few minor tweaks. I worked […]