To win a championship, you must have a championship culture.

You must have your entire program, both players and coaches, fully committed to upholding standards of excellence… every day.

Culture is about doing what is right… regardless of who is watching.

Culture is about holding each other accountable.

Culture is about ‘we’ being greater than ‘me.’

The Duke Blue Devils and the San Antonio Spurs epitomize a championship culture.

Do they have talented players? Absolutely.

Do they have great coaches? Without question.

But so do many other teams.

So then why have both been able to win consistently for the past 20+ years?

Both have created a championship culture that resonates in everything they do… on and off the court.


7 Tips to Establish a Culture that Sets You a Part

Emmanuel College head coach and PGC instructor TJ Rosene delivered these notes at a PGC Basketball clinic in Atlanta in 2014. “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and then suddenly you’re doing the impossible”. Francis of Assisi

“Single biggest problem with commutation is the illusion that it has taken place”. Bernard Shaw

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