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ACCOUNTABIITY — The Backbone of Great Practices

Practice Culture + Accountability = Max Out Potential

So then…

How do you ensure your team values come to life in your practices?


Talk to your players every day about the culture you're creating together and why it's important.


Identify key players and staff members, including yourself, that will be responsible for living out your team values and positively influencing others to do the same. Your team won't 'go the way' if no one is 'showing the way.'


When you come up against habits and behaviors that run contrary to your team values, face them head on. You may need time to reflect on the best response, but make sure you respond.

Accountability is a  TEAM COMMITMENT

Make it a priority EVERY DAY

At PGC, we spent the past 3 decades developing a world class system for coaching up-and-coming players at our PGC camps…

And…we’ve also trained 15,000 coaches in every aspect of coaching.

"PGC Coaching has been the best investment I’ve made to grow in my craft!

The best part to me is the community of like-minded coaches, from all different levels, who are asking tough questions and pursuing their development to be the best leaders possible."
Jana Pearson
Assistant Coach, Westmont College
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