The following article was shared to us by Mitch Cole from Texas A&M Men’s Basketball and are excerpts from Joe Ehrmann’s book, Inside Out Coaching.

In contrast to coaches who are merely “transactional” (those who use the players merely to achieve the coach’s goals), Ehrmann hopes to equip coaches to be “transformational coaches,” those who strengthen, uplift, and influence their student-athletes through the lessons of sport.


One of the characteristics of a transformational coach is one who communicates with CLARITY of vision, purpose and expectation. In Chapter 6 of Inside Out Coaching, Ehrmann describes CLARITY as an important “VIRTUE” in communication. He believes in having clear statements of expectation for the Coaches, Players and Parents who participate in Sports programs. Below are a few points he makes about Clarity in Communication:

*With this in mind, Ehrmann created a Code of Conduct for Coaches, Student athletes, and Parents which provides clear expectations of those who are in authority and positions of influence as well as those who are participating in their programs. Below is the Coaches’ Code of Conduct which you might find interesting!

Coaches’ Code of Conduct


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