The below footage was taken from Coe College’s first year with the Read & React Offense. They’ve since won back-to-back IIAC Conference Championships, advanced to the Sweet 16 in the D3 National Tournament, and Coach Randy Peterson has been named the IIAC Basketball Coach of the Year twice in a row.

They are a great example of a team that really gets the Read & React.

Although there are 4 possible cuts that a player can choose after feeding the post, these clips zero in on the two North-South cuts: Laker Cut High and Laker Cut Low. Note the variety of situations – early in the possession, late in the possession, even out of transition.

In the last clip, the team does not score off the Laker Cut. But with the Read & React, the post cuts move everyone on the perimeter. The scoring opportunity comes from the filling action on the perimeter: a 3 point shot.

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