Level 1 Defense: On the First Level, defense must guard the ball in order to keep it from getting to the rim.

Offensive Counter: In its foundation, the Read & React pressures the rim off the dribble or the pass and tests the defense’s ability to guard the ball and protect the rim.

Level 2 Defense: On the Second Level, defense is capable of stopping the ball from getting to the rim by using help defense effectively.

Offensive Counter: When defense stops the ball from getting to the rim, the Read & React places receivers in “open windows” for the pass.  This is still within the foundation layers of the offense.

What happens when the Defense guards the ball, protects the rim, and rotates/recovers effectively?

The Read & React must test the Defense’s ability to guard “situations” like screening actions away from the ball.

See the progression in the next post, Countering the Four Levels of Defense, Levels 3 & 4.

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  1. This is my second or third time reviewing these clips and notes and they really help you prepare notes for kids as well as game coaching strategy.

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