The Read & React 2.0

In this 2.0 version, I’ve rebuilt the Read & React teaching so you can run it more effectively and implement it faster. You’ll get the latest ideas and examples from successful coaches who have built successful programs using the Read & React offense.

Every layer and every scoring opportunity has been illustrated with game clip examples so you can see exactly how to win with it.

I share new ideas and new teaching progressions within the familiar grid of 10 Layers. I’ve learned much better ways to teach the offense over the past 6 years and it’s all included in this course.

Zone Offense Player System

The Zone Offense Player System was created for both coaches and players! There are new tactics for coaches to add to their repertoire of zone attacks: How to get open Perimeter shots, Mid-range shots, and Lay-ups. But the system was designed to share with your players. This 3-minute introduction prepares your players for what they’re going to experience and how they can best learn to create shots for themselves and their teammates. I touch on the plan, principles, and the 3 types of shots they’ll learn to create. Director: Rick Torbett Click on Lesson 1: “Creating Open Perimeter Shots with Spacing” below to get started. *Details on how to sign up individual players for the Zone Offense Player System are coming soon.

Read & React Player System

The Read & React Player’s System was designed specifically for players and built using game footage.

Ball Screens Master Course

The Reads of the Ballhandler and the Reactions of the Screener in light of all 10 players on the floor, through the lens of 3 unique learning grids.

Zone Attack

In this course, Rick Torbett will teach you adjustments to your teaching strategies when using the Read and React Offense when attacking Zone Defenses. As a Read and React coach, Coach Torbett does not want you to have to change from the Read and React actions that your team already knows. This course details how to take what your team already knows about the Read and React Offense and apply it to attacking zones. This course will cover strategies for how Rick Torbett would attack each type of Zone Defense. In addition, the course contains a comprehensive team drill library and detailed instructions on how to guide your team to implementing these actions from the Read and React Offense when facing Zone Defense.

Better 1 on 1 Offense

To win a real game, you need to quickly read the defense, react immediately, and use the most effective move possible for that situation. If you don’t attack immediately, you’re giving the defenders the chance they need to set up and stop your penetration. This course will teach you the kind of 1-on-1 offense that will give you the best chance of scoring.


The X-Cut is an East-West screening option available to anyone who feeds the post

Draft Drives

Dribble Penetration is a huge part of the game and one of the “big three must haves” for an effective offense: (1) Inside game, (2) Outside game & (3) Dribble Penetration game. The good defensive teams will have a plan to stop your 1on1 dribble drives with help, switch, rotation, recovery, etc by the other […]

Drive, Draw & Dish

Maximize your dribble penetration! Get more points out of your Post Players whenever Dribble Penetration occurs. In this course, Coach Rick Torbett shows 3 simple rules, using game clips, that will turn your post players into active, eager receivers. In fact, these rules are for everyone, because players never know when they’ll find themselves in the lane. And if you’re in the lane and the ball drives, you need to know the smartest ways to react! When a drive occurs and the ball-handler draws the defense, makes the pass, and the receiver catches and scores, more than one player is involved in that scenario. Not only must the player in the post-move intelligently, but the ball-handler also needs to know ahead of time where the post is sliding. The message to your players is simple: When the ball drives, it’s not time to stop and watch — becoming only a spectator. If you’re not moving correctly, you’re screwing things up for yourself, your teammates, and the penetrator. A dribble drive is an opportunity for you to show how much you understand the game without the ball and how that turns into extra points! In the companion course, DRIVE, DRAW DEFENSE, […]

Drive, Draw, Drop Dimes

What happens when good defensive teams stop your Drives?

Vertical Jump


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