Planning Your Best Preseason (Intensive)

We hosted three live interactive calls to help coaches brainstorm and get setup for their best season yet. Dive into Better Teaching, Better Player Development, and Better Practices with TJ, Sam, and Rick, to ensure you get off to a great start this season.

Championship Level Communication

Culture – Days of the Week

Click below to begin watching TJ’s team exercises designed to build culture on a daily themed to the days of the week.

11 Offensive Habits

11 Offensive Habits 1. The How Factor2. The Angles Advantage3. Precision Drills4. Measurement5. Balance6. Dribble Weapon7. Eyes Wide Open8. Peak & Power Peek Powerful9. Live Dangerous10. Focused Competition11. Intangible Point

Postseason Evaluation

Our latest course is an evaluation of your season from A to Z. After covering all five categories you’ll have a full view of how your season went and where your biggest opportunities lie.

5 Finishing Moves

Watch the intro here then click below to continue.

Off-Season Development

Let’s take our off-season development to the next level.

Utilizing the 1-3-1

Preseason Shooting Ladder

Course Introduction TJ’s preseason shooting ladder is a creative way to develop shooters in a competitive way and track team and individual progress in this crucial area. You can adapt it to make it age and stage appropriate for your team and for individual players. As you work to develop shooters, it’s important to build confidence and track and celebrate progress. Watch the intro video above and then continue by clicking “Shooting Program Intro” below. Shooting Ladder PDF

Winning at the Free Throw Line

This course is designed to give you practical and easy to apply teaching concepts to help your players perform better individually and as a team from the free throw line. TJ also provides examples of free throw shooting drills that you can incorporate into your practices and workouts to make free throws an everyday point of emphasis.

Emmanuel College Early Season Practice

TJ’s All-Access Final 4 Practice is a great model for creating a fun and competitive environment in your preseason practices.


Coaches, how many points per game do you steal off of your out of bounds plays? If you’re not gaining an advantage each time you’re in a dead ball situation, you’re missing out on great opportunities to get your team great looks at the basket. In this six-part course, Sam Allen will take you through baseline and sideline out of bounds progressions to make sure your team is making the most of every out of bounds opportunity. Let’s get started!

How to Win Close Games – Part 2

This intensive was broken into two parts. If you’d like to start with Part 1, Rebounding, Inbounds Under, and Transition, click here. The zoom calls were recorded as part of a live series for coaches. Each section includes a ‘pre-class’ questions and intro video to the topic. Then you can dive into the recording. Watch the intro video above, then click below to get started. Download Outline for this Intensive (Click here) 

How to Win Close Games – Part 1

This intensive was broken up into two parts: Part 1: Rebounding, Inbounds Under, and Transition Part 2: Shot Selection, Free Throws, and Energy Game The series was originally created as a live experience for coaches which included ‘pre-class’ videos and questions. You’ll find the zoom recording of the call under each section heading. Watch the intro video above, then get started by clicking below. Download Outline for this Intensive (Click here) 

Building a More Competitive Team

This course was originally designed as a 3 session zoom call or ‘class’ intensive with Sam Allen. Each section includes an intro video and questions to get started. Download the Outline for this Intensive 

Better Practices through Layering, Progressions & Loading

This intensive was a series of 3 zoom calls, Layer, Progressions, and Loading and include an intro video at the start of each lesson. Watch a comprehensive intro video here, then click below to get started.

Culture: Turning Adversity Into Championships

Learn the five strategies to turn problems into opportunities. Gain the tools necessary to minimize frustration and maximize success.

Passing Essentials

Sam Allen covers foundational passing principles as well as the details and master teaching of this essential skill.

Teaching Shot Selection

Why teaching shot selection will win you more games next season.

How to Build a Thriving Culture

This course will equip you with tools, insights and practical examples so you can build a thriving culture.

Being Proactive with Parents

It pays to be proactive and prepared with parents. In this course Mano outlines how to build great relationships with parents in your program.

Developing a Great Staff

TJ Rosene and Sam Allen will take you through a course that outlines the role of head coaches and assistant coaches in taking ownership of developing a great staff for your programs.


Leadership starts with you. In this course you’ll dive into a self-assessment based on your current habits and influences and form a plan on how you can improve in leading yourself well.

LockLeft Defense

The LockLeft Defense will be back soon as we are currently working on making enhancements to the content and flow of this course. Stay tuned!