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Our latest course is an evaluation of your season from A to Z. After covering all five categories you'll have a full view of how your season went and where your biggest opportunities lie.
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Let's take our off-season development to the next level.
Course Introduction TJ’s preseason shooting ladder is a creative way to develop shooters in a competitive way and track team and individual progress in this crucial area. You can adapt it to make it age and stage appropriate for your team and for individual players. As you work to develop shooters, it’s important to build confidence and track and celebrate progress. Watch the intro video above and then continue by clicking “Shooting Program Intro” below.
This course is designed to give you practical and easy to apply teaching concepts to help your players perform better individually and as a team from the free throw line. TJ also provides examples of free throw shooting drills that you can incorporate into your practices and workouts to make free throws an everyday point of emphasis.
TJ's All-Access Final 4 Practice is a great model for creating a fun and competitive environment in your preseason practices.