90-Minute Layer 4 Practice

In this course Coach Rick Torbett gives you a 90-minute practice plan designed to strengthen the habits of Layer 4 – Dribble Penetration Circle Movement. This layer is built around one action: draw & kick. If you see your team beginning to slip during the season and you need a 90-minute tune-up while saving their legs, this video is for you!

Better Ball Handling

Better Basketball first gained its notoriety with Rick Torbett’s player development series which cultivates the fundamental skills of basketball.

This course, featuring ball handling phenom Andy Garcia, incorporates 30 application-specific workouts with over 200 individual drills!

Need to improve your cross-over, there’s a workout for that! Working to improve your off hand, there’s a workout for that, as well! What about improving hand strength? There’s a workout for that too. With over 3 hours of unique course content, you’re sure to find tools to hone or polish your handle.

Read & React Workouts 102

The second course in the Read & React workout series is Read & React Workouts 201.

This course will give Read & React coaches the opportunity to learn directly from Rick as he takes them through 15 advanced Read & React Specific workouts in 6 weeks. Many layers from RRW 101 are reviewed, but in 201 Rick takes you through more advanced Layers and shows you how to collapse time frames by combining layers in drill work.

The Shooting Course

In this course, Coach Rick Torbett works with two different teams of high school players to develop “Rapid Skill Acquisition”. Coach Torbett teaches techniques needed for a great shot. In almost 5 hours of intense guidance the players train completely through the shooting process, beginning before the shot is taken and continuing through the actions following the shot.