Draft Drives


Dribble Penetration is a huge part of the game and one of the “big three must haves” for an effective offense: (1) Inside game, (2) Outside game & (3) Dribble Penetration game. The good defensive teams will have a plan to stop your 1on1 dribble drives with help, switch, rotation, recovery, etc by the other four defenders off the ball. A Draft Drive is a combo action that removes the natural helping defender and gives the ball-handler a higher percentage chance of getting to the rim. But this course does not end there. Your team must have an answer to the great defensive teams that still manage to rotate help defenders into position. This course explores the moves and countermoves in 11 chapters using GAME FOOTAGE! This allows you and YOUR PLAYERS to examine the set-up, timing and spacing from every position and every formation. When normal drives don’t work, you need to go to the next level of dribble penetration!

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