Elite Handles


Basketball has evolved to attract spectacular athletes. If you are not the most athletic player on your team, it is a necessity that you acquire superior ball handling/dribbling & shooting skills to play at the next level. Are you ready to take your handle to be unguardable? In this course, featuring ball handling phenom Andy Garcia, you will learn how to significantly improve your ball control to make these improvements a reality! With these drills in this course, your weak hand will become your strong hand, your hand-eye coordination will get better, you will learn counter moves to break your defender and you will find your confidence elevated. Andy Garcia says: “Remember to enjoy the process as you improve your handle, don’t forget that the best process leads to the highest skill! When working on a specific drill always keep in mind that amateurs practice until they get it right, but professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong. This course provides the drills you need to master the game. Never be afraid to have the ball in your hands again!”

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