Layer 1: Pass & Cut & Fill

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Even though the goal is freedom of movement for both the players and the ball, we must start with Rules. You begin to learn the foundation of rules and responsibilities of the Read & React that lead to the freedom and accountability of the system.

Analogies are drawn between basketball and music: In order to have the freedom of creating your own music, you must first learn the rules of how to make the chords you’re going to use.

So, the first rule is that if you pass one spot away, you must cut the basket with the intention of getting the ball back to score.

The next rule is that empty spots toward the ball must be filled. This creates a chain reaction that leaves an empty spot for the cutter to fill out to.

Replacement Screens are introduced.

Now, we have freedom of ball movement and player movement and a new vocabulary to go with it.

This is the start to your players learning how to react to what is happening in the moment rather than running a set play. It’s dynamic vs static basketball. Which do you want to play?