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Compliments of Coach TJ Rosene

You Be the Coach (PDF)

Playing Time Document: It can be much harder to be the coach than a player thinks. You can adjust to the number of minutes you play (32). Often players go over the minutes thinking lots of players should play. It helps with individual meetings.

Post Season Questionnaire (PDF)

We use these 20 questions to gain insight on how to improve our leadership, the program, and the individual.

Leadership: Lead Yourself Better (PDF)

My commitment statement: A commitment statement can help you keep focus on the coach that you want to be. It can be easy to lose your North Star in the time crunch and chaos of a season. This can help you stay centered.

Player Anticipation Document (PDF)

Help Guide a Player & Anticipate Adversity: Often players want to show up one way but lose sight of that. This helps us navigate some player problems.

Late Games (PDF)

Guide Late Games: This document helps ensure we all know are rules and how we want to show up in late games as well as few attached plays.

Practice Plans (XLS)

We use this document to pre-plan, organize practice, and ensure we hit and focus on things that we feel are vital. For instance, attaching culture to every drill.

Summer shooting menu (PDF)

We use this to keep players focused on summer workouts to improve while trying to make it fun and vary it up. They can choose to so the entire thing. Pick one from each category. Or work at any angle. Up, down, across, etc.

3 Must-Haves to Win in Practice

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