A couple of weeks ago, Uie saw something he hadn’t seen his team do before – they didn’t practice it, they didn’t plan it, it just… happened. It’s what we call a Dribble At Fill and when done in a game, it is extremely difficult to guard. It looks pretty too (which is a bonus).

The concept is fairly simple:

Dribble At Fill Diagram Frame 1

The Dribble At Fill can occur in any situation where the ball and a player are surrounding a recently vacated spot. In the diagram, the set up is achieved simply by 1 passing to the wing and cutting.

Dribble At Fill Diagram Frame 2

Now, based on the rules of Pass & Cut, 3 must fill the open spot. But, what if 2 decides to dribble fill that spot? 3 must recognize that action as a Dribble At and even though she hasn’t finished her fill, she must cut to the basket.

In the video below, the Connecticut Spirit girls get a Dribble At Fill at the 2:40 mark. The result is an easy rear cut lay-up.

For the girls, it happened organically, but you could easily use this as a Quick Hitter to get the offense going.

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