At its core Dynamic Defense is a framework (and grading system) designed to push players to higher levels of defensive achievement. By moving across the four levels a player and her team will progress through guarding the basketball 1-on-1, helping effectively from any location, defending situations, and mastering high level rotation and recovery techniques. But, in order for a player to be successful in those four levels, she must first acquire a solid foundation of movement – we call that Level 0.

Defense may be the most athletically taxing part of basketball, especially when it comes to movement. A player must move in every plane in every direction, accelerating and decelerating – all in reaction to an offensive player. That’s why getting Athletic Mechanics correct is key. With that in mind, Level 0 covers what we consider the prerequisite of high level defense: effective movement mechanics.

The above video is an excerpt from our newest project, Dynamic Defense. Check it out here. Level 0 is split between two certified instructors in SAQ: Dustin Ducham and Spencer Wood. They lay out 40 drills to take defensive movement and overall athleticism to another level.

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