Better Basketball's Dynamic Defense BundleI think Rick first teased the Dynamic Defense project three years ago at our Dallas Read & React Clinic.

And, no, that was not a strategic announcement – our goal was not to build dramatic tension for three years. That’s just how long it took to coordinate all the pieces of Dynamic Defensespeed, agility, quickness; rebounding; one-on-one defensive techniques; help defense strategies from any position (including the post); tactics for guarding situations; high level rotate and recovery techniques; and the mental skills of defense – into what we believe is the most comprehensive defensive curriculum available. Check it out here.

3 years of research, filming, and editing by Rick Torbett… launches today. And, we think the cover art is our best yet.

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  1. Coach Mayes,

    You’re gonna love it. It’s broken down into digestible pieces that’ll make it extremely easy to teach. I recently started a girls club squad in San Diego (Read and React 100%) for 4th-8th graders and my girls picked up the concepts like it was the latest Justin Bieber song! The first day they were working to stay in the bubble and were anticipating and taking charges (the new way)! Parents all commented that they’d never seen their girls perform so well!

    I’m really excited about this and hope that more of us post so we can all learn from one another.

  2. Just ordered mine. My Varsity girls started our open gyms and summer league this month. My Freshman camp is in 2 weeks and the team camp the week after that. I hope to have time to study it enough to get started on it with them! I can’t wait!!!

  3. Ordered it… Pretty good timing as Summer Workouts are starting in California this evening for the high school I coach at. I have always had a unique way of teaching defense, but getting the motivation and buy in across has always been a challenge. With this level system I think the players may be motivated more to get to the next level and become a better defensive player!

    Hopefully it ships out and gets here in a hurry!

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