A few months ago, we decided to make some adjustments to our websites (the main BB site as well as the Tribe). It was time to make them faster, more flexible, and easier for you to use. It was time to make them easy to read on mobile devices, specifically the iPhone and iPad.

So, months of work went into it, culminating in the launch last Tuesday night. The only problem was… our server didn’t like the new website. In reality, it wasn’t the server’s fault (it was made to do something else) and it wasn’t the website’s fault (it was designed to be ideal on a different server).

But, 10 hours later, we didn’t have either site up. Not good for me. And, not good for the Tribe. We eventually got BB operable, but the Tribe suffered.

And, yes, I know, things should have gone differently. I mean, there are still some bugs that need to be stomped out. We’ll get there, though.

I hope you were able to concentrate more at work this week, go for a jog, or maybe read words written on paper rather than pixels on a screen. And, your wait will be a bit longer (at least for new posts) because I’m headed to a clinic today (this one) and will be gone for the weekend. Get your rest, though, because we’ll get back to work on Monday – with a fun surprise.

Thanks for your patience. Thanks for caring that this site was down (it means a lot to me). Thanks for being in the Tribe.

And, remember, things don’t always go as planned, but sometimes it’s better that they didn’t. Actually, I’m not sure that is the case in this instance, but believing that makes me feel better about myself.


PS: The forum is still not perfectly operable yet. I’ll get on that Monday as well. Everything has been imported, but your passwords won’t work. It’s ok – you can still read the past responses and I’ll get you back up and foruming as quickly as I can.

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