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Master Teaching

TJ on Master Teaching

Begin your journey of becoming a master teacher!

Teaching Shot Selection

Why teaching shot selection will win you more games next season.

Live Learning
Watching Film with Your Team and In-Season Meetings

TJ Rosene discusses best practices when sharing film with your team throughout the season and the best approach for team meetings.

Live Learning
3 Stories to Help You Become a Master Teacher

Sam shares and discusses the use of stories to use with your teams to help you get your message across in a more meaningful way.

Live Learning
5 Questions to Improve Your Coaching and Your Program

Sam shares questions you can ask yourself and take back to discuss with your staff and players. A fun and interactive way to grow together.

Live Learning
Improving Your Teaching

TJ will host an open discussion on how to improve your teaching as a coach. Bring your ideas, questions and areas you’d like to troubleshoot with the group.

How Fertile is the Ground?

As a master teacher make sure the ground is fertile by connecting with your players.

When to Be the Guide on the Side

As a master teacher it’s important to understand the time and place of promoting self-discovery and when to be a guide on the side.

Master Teaching Tip

As a master teacher, help connect the dots for your players.

Coach Speak v. Teacher Speak

Your communication habits as a coach can lead to ongoing frustration or a better learning environment.