Today we are featuring five of our favorite drills from Drew Hanlen’s 50 Shoot Drills on Video on Demand!

7 Drill

This drill is done with a 2 players, 1 shooter and 1 rebounder. The shooters starts at the elbow with a score of 7. They must sprint to the opposite sideline and run in for a catch & shoot shot at the elbow. Continue this sequence with the scoring system that follows.

Every shot made is -1 from score. Every miss is +1 (rebound the miss and lay it in).

Goal is to get the score to 0.


Baseline Drift & Curls

Start with a line of players with balls on each wing. Players on one wing hammer drive baseline. As this starts to take place the player on the opposite wing passes to a coach, he then drifts to the corner to receive a pass from 1 for a shot. After passing, 1 curls to the elbow for a catch & shoot from the coach.


Closeouts into Shots

This drill is performed with 1 shooter and 1 rebounder. The shooter starts by taking two big steps into a closeout on the wing. After performing the proper closeout then curl for a catch & shoot jump shot. This sequence is repeated for a pre-determined time or number of makes set by the coach.

Change this drill up by closing out to different spots and curling/pivoting in different directions.


Defensive Slides into Shots

Player starts on the block without a ball while a coach/passer starts at the top of the key with a ball. Player starts on the block and defensive slides to the nearest sideline, touches and curls into shot. Player follows their shot and lays in any misses; pass the rebound back to the coach. Continue this sequence on both sides for time or number of makes.


Pin-Down Catch & Shoot Drill

This drill starts with a line of players with balls in the corner and at the top of the key. Place a cone or chair on the wing to simulate a screen and a coach/passer on the block. The line in the corner feeds the coach in the post and uses a pin-down for a catch & shoot from a passer at the top. The passer at the top then flares for a catch & shoot pass from the post. Players need to rebound their own shots and switch lines.


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