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@Nelson Handel thanks for the comment. We were really fortunate to have 2 controllers that were quicker defensively on the ball than almost anyone they had to guard. One was a senior so the other girl will really need to continue to dominate the defensive side of the floor for us this year. To me, the controller is vital to the success of LL. I think you can get away with other things not being perfect, they need to be really good.

@Nate Wade¬†appreciate the feedback. I tried to do LL a few years ago but I didn’t buy in enough to make it work. This past summer I committed to being all in on it and it made all the difference. It is your job to convince them this is going to work and allow them to be successful.

Also, I don’t run LL exactly like Tyler does it. We follow most all of the basic principles but found when we were as aggressive as suggested, especially in denying passes to the right, teams started to stretch us out. So we still pressure the ball but we are willing to allow passes to the right as long as they are several feet off the 3 point line. Once teams are in scoring range, we really ramp up our LL rules/principles.