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@Aaron Williams great topic, I have been out of pocket and not been on the website in awhile. We incorporated Dave Smart’s principles into our man defense as well as our Match-up zone. We played primarily zone this past season because of several key injuries that hurt out guard depth tremendously. I found these principles to be very effective inside our match-up. We did not force weak in a few areas of the floor because it exposed some of the creases in our match-up. We played more head up in these areas. Specifically the High Post area became exposed when the ball was on the right wing. Some of this was because of our lack of length on the part of our defenders at the point and this side of the floor.  Another adjustment we made that was purely personnel based was that we moved our pick up points of our controller/point back to about the defensive side of the tip circle. Our match-up zone looks very much like pack line and defends as one, so all these principles fit seamlessly. 

As a side note: We played some triangle and two and tandem and three this past year as change ups. We applied these defensive rules to these defenses as well with great success.