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Kristen, many thanks for this!! I greatly appreciate it and it’s very useful. 

I’m seeing exactly the same thing in terms of sagging off the offensive player because the defender is afraid of being beat. I’ve been really encouraging them to get into their body, take away the shot & middle drive & fight for the 3rd.

The ones that are more successful on the 1st 2, are getting beat baseline. The others are just giving up shots & middle drives. 

I think your cone drill sounds fantastic! Will use it next training. Thank you! 

We also do a lot of 1v1s. Right now, with our 1 portable hoop per group (and never the two groups can meet), I’m having to be very creative to keep folk moving & engaged!

The cone drill can even be set up as a return activity so they aren’t waiting for the next 1v1.

I’ve been running 1v1s with a pass from top to wing or corner to wing each side. But they seem to completely forget angles once the ball starts getting lower. Makes me think maybe pass from wing to corner or use a skip to work more on that aspect. 

Will definitely incorporate your dribble limitations & progressions into the 1v1s. 

Tyler’s recent modern defense video is really helpful in getting them to see the angles too. 

I’d love it if you had the time to share more of your footwork drills, ssgs, whatever you have time to share! I can never learn enough! ? And it’s really hard to find drills that work on teaching defensive angles…. 

Thank you so much!