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20 hours ago, Lisa O’Meara said:

So this may not be leadership training – more along the team building – fun activity idea.

You could do minute to win it games. They could be in small group teams, but individuals gets their own equipment and the team could get points based on how they finish in their time in each game or activity. 

You could get creative with the types of games – simply fun and funny or conditioning and training or a combo! ?

(Could be leadership training if you give your ‘leaders in training’ their own teams and provide feedback one on one on how they led their groups)… BONUS! ?

Thanks, Lisa. Love this idea and especially the point about using it to give our leaders in training feedback. In a time where we aren’t able to be on court yet, it creates a great opportunity for me to be able to evaluate them in a leadership role and in a natural environment for them. And being able to provide them feedback throughout this process could be really beneficial for them and help create more meaningful dialogue as the season goes on for us?

Do you think this or other activities like this, could be a way to see who emerges as leaders for us?

Any suggestions on trying to establish leaders while empowering the rest of our players to still have a voice, but to be a great follower so that we are moving in one direction and supporting those that are in leadership roles?