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On 9/17/2020 at 1:28 AM, Nelson Handel said:

Survivor game: Set up an obstacle course (chairs, pads, wrestling mats, not dangerous). Teams of 3 or 4 (more is more challenging, loads the game). One person is the Caller, the others are blindfolded at the other side of the obstacle course. Caller must guide their team over the finish line. Set a clock, so there’s pressure. Team gets 1 point for every obstacle they touch.  Winner gets a deduction (-3 or something). Low score wins.

works on communications clarity, calm under pressure, clarity of language. You’ll see who your leaders are real quick.

Wish we could do this now but the only shared equipment allowed are balls (and they have to be cleaned with alcohol spray before & after sharing, as are hands). Can’t even use cones! I’m reduced to chalk on the pavement – which gets rubbed off in 2 minutes…. ? 

But: we are playing, if down to once a week. How dare I complain?!