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In terms of “pushing the ball” which I struggle with due to my current group of average size/speed athletes.  Our school has historically struggled when playing “fast” because they seem to play out of control. 

However, it’d be foolish to not take advantage of the defense being at their most vulnerable state….. SO…. I’m thinking of adding something in for the guys who are bringing the ball up the floor. I am thinking I’d like to develop the habit of making a pass before/at half court… even if that pass isn’t for a score. My thoughts are the more the guards pass the ball up the floor, the faster the ball gets through the RACETRACK, the more scoring opportunities we get.. without falling into the trap of the “1 guard” bringing it up..meeting resistance… and then stalling before movement can happen in transition.

It’s one of those things that I’m thinking could allow us to play faster while still under control. Guards could all still pass and cut, it would just happen at a different rate/space relation.