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This is my first year with LL and I’m pretty pumped about it..  but it seems like from its ‘birth’ the LL was super high pressure and forced a fast game.

Then, when I dove in and kept trying to understand more and more about it and see how I could mold to my personnel I watched that exact same Live learning session–and Nelson I think that’s the one you were in on… for some reason I’m remembering seeing you in your car during it (one of those details that sticks out and helps me remember things I heard-HA). 

I was intrigued and the more I kept thinking about it it seems like the MUZy style Tyler introduces there is better suited for teams that may not be able to play it as aggressively from top to bottom. Keep the LL rules–switch everything–make the opposition uncomfortable but within your means/players. Aside from the role-based rebounding from the offensive side that’s what I have garnered from it. 

I liked the switching everything–and have toyed with it a lot during our 4 man workouts. It’s been funny to watch the guys struggle with not being able to consistently drive left and then get angry when they work so hard to get open on the back side just to have another defender switch off when they think they’ve got themselves open with a solid cut ? — they’re learning how valuable it is when an offense is playing out of frustration.