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Hey Stevie,

I know this is a late reply here to your question. Here are a few thoughts:

1. if you do a 20-30 mins time period where you are trying to create pace and lets say run a “Green” segment, consider being very clear when outlining it that your expectation is that players are sprinting and moving quickly between drills or between reps.

2. Remove or reduce coaching so that the pace can be achieved and sustained. Too much coaching or talking can slow down the pace.

3. For defense, what 3-4 habits do you want to establish…We do a 1v1 closeout and compete drill where you have to do 3 things to get a stop. We have 6 baskets in the gym going, everyone let’s say competing on the right wing. Defense must:

a) high hands    b) no middle drive    c) must box out or hit and release

*If the defense wins, they stay on defense at that goal, the offense has to sprint to next basket in 4 seconds or less. If Offense scores, defense must rotate baskets…

*Depending on number of players in practice determines how many each start at each basket. With 6 baskets going, there is a lot of action in the gym

*This is just one example of creating pace. It’s important that the coach or coaching staff has high level of accountability or clarity on their communication as far as expectations.