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18 hours ago, Kristen Rogers said:

Thought I’d share an idea that we’ve just started using that came from Regis University’s women’s soccer program. It’s been well received and has stirred up some competition between our players as well. They’ve really gotten into it. I anticipate us taking the last couple challenges to the court as we are able to start practice on Thursday!

We’ve started and are a few rounds into our Sabre Olympics. We’ve split our players into teams of 3. Each day there is a new challenge that they must complete and send in for review. We’ve utilized a couple of our on campus personnel as guest judges and it’s been a great way to get them involved and to allow them to see our players in a different light. We awarded 5 points for gold, 3 points for silver and 1 point for bronze per round.

They hosted 12 rounds and eventually crowned a champion. Some examples of challenges that they used or that we are considering are:

A Tik Tok challenge

Most creative poster advertising the team’s culture

Memes with funniest action shot

Most creative mask-up photo

Music video challenge

Best video highlighting a core value of the program

Best or most creative arrangement of food on your plate

Creative photo with a faculty member

Solo cup stacking challenge 

Best pre-game speech


That’s fantastic, Kristen! Glad to hear that the ladies are enjoying it and love to hear how it finishes. Sounds like it is great fun.  

And AWESOME news about playing again! Long may you & your team stay healthy! Enjoy & savour the moment at your first session! ?