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I try to do some type of team building activity away from the basketball court every month.  Just time for the girls to spend together getting to know each other and an opportunity for us coaches to get to see our girls in a different element.  These are more team, fun ideas, although we do use one of them to try to help our kids connect with their community and another one as an opportunity to give back in a small way.

Some of the more popular ones we have done:

Travel together to an away football game and have dinner together.  This year we had to modify this one due to Covid restrictions.  We watched a livestream and ate together during a football game.  On another day our tennis team plays in a park, so I took them to that park and bought them all drinks from a coffee shop and we sat outside and watched our tennis teams.

Team scavenger hunt.  Stole this idea from some other guys.  I love doing this right at the start of the year.  We use it to introduce new girls not only to the program but also to the history of our school and town.  This is a good bonding event and also gives the girls an idea of who they represent when they play each night.

Pumpkin Carving Contest.  Fixing to do this one again.  We carved pumpkins in pairs this past year.  Then we posted the pictures of some of them online and let the community vote.  After we carved the pumpkins, we took the finished products to a local nursing home for their residents to enjoy.