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On 9/24/2020 at 9:37 AM, Nate Wade said:

@Ryan RobieI think that’s how we will need to play it as well….

We’ve had some open gyms here in MI — and the offseason rules are pretty stringent — so we’ve been toying with it in 4 man groups — Our kids are really liking forcing left haha. The ones who do that alone are winning more pickup games during open gyms — so buy in is getting there. 

Also—My coaching staff and I went over in detail how to cover on ball screens with our current group and simplified it to aggressively switching everything and maintaining force to the left. It has gone over well in our workouts. 


I don’t know if you guys saw that in November there will be a big ‘update’ from @Tyler Costonon the LL — I’m pumped that I’ll be gearing up for season and get to dive in. 

@Nate WadeAny specifics on how your team is switching? Will you change that coverage at all depending on where the ball is on the floor?

@Ryan RobieIs the ? on lockleft. Glad to see he’s in here keeping us all straight on what to do!