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@Joe Gonzalez!!!! 

This is something I’m doing this year–for sure.. but I’m making it specific to the player instead of the position.

So, I’ll tell “JOHN” — John, each time you pass I want you go screen away and then duck into the mid post for a pass or two… make sure you tell your teammates what you’re doing!


Have you thought, too, of making it even more specific in terms of role defining? —-> I’m thinking that if a kid knows when he’s in the 5 out his job is to set as many screens as possible (pin, screen away, back, multiple staggers, etc) get layups/putbacks, and visit the post often but not live there it could potentially such a huge aid to your flow and movement that you may not need to make a new “rule” that is specific to who catches the ball and where–and it wouldn’t be so dependent on the situation.


Just a thought–would love to hear your feedback and ideas as well!