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I have been running the Lock Left for three years and have found that it can be molded to your personnel.  We switch everything similar to a Match Up zone, but at times struggled with what to do with cutters.  We ultimately went to a system that if it was a straight cut north and south we went with the cutter because of situations teams were putting us in to.  We also played around with the Defensive positioning so we had players where we wanted them.  It took awhile, but worked well.  This year we are going to the Tag Up system of Offensive rebounding/defensive transitioning.  We are looking at whoever is on the ball is the controller.  Players guarding the “swoopers” are the snipers and so forth.  We start Monday so it will be interesting.  Last thought, we also help from the back side and sit a defender on the Left Block pretty much to deter the driver from the left slot when teams are in the 5 out. This allows us to still be aggressive but have some help at the rim.  We aren’t as athletic as a lot of the teams we play so we had to make some adjustments.  Would love for feedback and thoughts.