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Not sure how much access to film you have from last season. Could also use games from other teams as well if you needed to. My initial thought would be to go through some scenarios that your players actually experienced. Maybe split the teams into groups and have them watch the sequence you are looking at. Maybe last two minutes of a game you were down and talk through each possession, what they should be thinking about and looking to get out of possessions, time, score, time outs, fouls, possession arrow, etc. Then have them talk the team through it on one of your zoom calls and you and their teammates can assist with additional insight if needed. Couple other scenarios that may be beneficial: end of quarters, having fouls to give, up 3 or down 3 late, stopping a run, etc.

When you get back to practicing on court, we’ve done a 5 minute scrimmage where at some point late in the scimmage, we turn off the clock and have each team write as much as they can remember down:

  • Time on the clock
  • Time on the shot clock
  • Score for both teams
  • Foul count for both teams
  • Time outs remaining
  • Possession arrow

It’s been helpful to see which players are thinking the game and not just playing. And also creates room for us to discuss these things. 

Would love to hear about what you came up with!