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3-on-3 Attack is a PGC game.

Your only options are to drive and finish off 2-feet in the paint, or kick out for a 3. 

on the catch, the 3-pont shooter must catch outside the 3-point line, and they must either shoot the open 3 or drive and finish off 2-feet in the paint. 

you get 3 passes total per team per possession. 

you must catch the pass outside the 3-point line. 

if you make the 3 or finish of 2-feet in the paint, then your 3-person team stays on offense and new set of 3 defenders rotates in. 
if you miss the basket or turn it over, then your team is off. Defense moves to offense and a new 3-person teams enters to play D.

very quick moving. No rebounds. Just a 1-shot game, with a max of 3-passes per possession. 

So on the 3rd pass, the player must know they need to shoot the 3 or shoot the paint shot.