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On 11/24/2020 at 9:41 PM, Joe Gonzalez said:

hi ruth,

do you run Read & React? we simply play half-court 4v4 with no dribbles. i usually give the offense 5 possessions to score (1 shot + rebound putback), then we switch offense to defense. Whoever scores more wins. We validate the win with a FT. loser has a quick consequence. 


if you don’t run RnR, then you can do the same thing with your offense. Just play a scrimmage with NO DRIBBLES. you can even do it full-court to work on your press break. 


if you don’t move off the ball, there isn’t going to be much offense!


just my two cents. 

Thank you, Joe! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing but I’m finding that once the dribble goes back in, off ball movement flags again. So I’ve tried limiting the dribbles as well, which helps but still not fantastic off ball movement. 

I have been running the Motion but because we have so much time this year (if we have a season, it will be after Easter), I’m starting to implement the Read & React. I do think that will help but we still need good off ball movement! 

I appreciate your help!!