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Hi @Ruth Grant! Can you define what kind of “off-ball movement” you’re looking for? Filling perimeter spots? finding passing windows on drives? Weakside basket cuts?

If you are putting in the R&R, a lot of off-ball movement takes care of itself. The most challenging R&R training, especially for youngers, is circle movement, which, to be frank, you will likely only get spottily at younger ages anyway (low ROI below u17).

 I’ve adapted a PGC 3v3 game to teach circle movement, using Chris Oliver’s “push/pull” language. It does the best job I’ve found to train the concept of perimeter rotation on basket drives. As with all games-based teaching, I recommend you teach the basic game, let them play, then introduce the teaching concepts in whatever order you wish as you “load” the game. (my preference: peek, push/pull, POOP, greedy receiver, Curry Cuts, Ginobilis, shooting footwork).

Hope this helps!  


3v3 Kickout (CM variation)


  1. Begin with whatever 3v3 cutthroat form you prefer (I use 3v3 Closeout from the baseline to add passing and closeouts to every possession). Make sure you have the next team ready on the baseline to sprint in to D on a turnover or make. Make it/take it.
  2. You can only score with two feet in the paint or with a 3-pt shot.
  3. You may not pass to someone in No Man’s Land (inside arc, outside paint)
  4. You may not dribble east/west on perimeter
  5. To begin possession, live ball receiver must drive or shoot (no initial pass)
  6. 1 shot per possession (on ORB, can allow a 1-dribble putback or kickout to immediate shot (no dribble), if you wish).


  1. When the ball drives AWAY from you, it PULLS you one perimeter spot towards it.
  2. When the ball drives TOWARD you, it PUSHES you one perimeter spot away from it.
  3. Push or Pull with greedy fingers, ready to catch and shoot
  4. catch with one-foot move or airborne receiver to be ready to shoot.
  5. peek on catch
  6. If you drive the paint and don’t have an advantage, kick out (teach “Ginobili” hook passes)
  7. If you drive the paint and get stopped, POOP (pivot and pass out of pressure)(safety valve)
  8. If you kick out from paint, sprint out to perimeter, ready to shoot (Curry Cut).

FOULS (coach with the whistle; fouls are turnovers)

  1. Failure to Move (push or pull)
  2. Failure to POOP
  3. Failure to demonstrate control (shooting off one foot in the paint)
  4. Failure to Peek
  5. Pass to NMLand