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I run multiple sets for my BLoBs. One year I tried to run everything out of one set and it really confused the kids I was coaching.  We probably average 3-6 points per game on BLoBs out of 3 different formations. 

In each set we have one lay up opportunity, at least one jump shot opportunity and a safety. 

I am 100% zone on BLoBs. I feel it is gives me so much more control over what I will see. The HC I was assistant to for the first 6 years would go zone until the ball came in and then would switch to man but I have never been comfortable doing that. 

On SOBs, during my second year I listened to Bob Hurley speak and he said something that I have followed since then. We used to have sets on our SOBs that we spent time practicing and perfecting and then when teams would have us scouted out they would disrupt and cause turnovers. Since then I call a shape and then tell GO (Ex. triangle GO!). GO stands for Get Open. The kids on the floor get in that shape and freelance to get open. We teach them how to screen and cut using our motion offense so we let them use those same principles on our SOBs. Since changing to this philosophy we probably have less than 2 or 3 turnovers on SOBs a season, even with my not as gifted teams. I do have one quick hitter for a last second shot, but other than that it is G.O.!